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Teresa (TeRosa) Carnicelli is a spirit earth midwife of the healing arts, natural wholistic health, ceremonial gatherings, intentional retreats and sacred living. She loves to create heArt engaging magic and devotes her life to the sacred beauty ways.  One of her greatest passions is to cocreate ritual and ceremony in privacy (solo) and with her precious sisters and brothers of the earth and commune with the elementals and realms of the Great Mystery.  She is a therapist, medicine woman, priestess, artist, yogini, dancer, alchemist, CEO and mother of two children.  She has an ongoing private practice in Eugene, Oregon, Transcendental Therapies.  Here she provides a multitude of modalities, techniques and intentional prayers within each session. She offers Master Plant medicines from The Amazon and is a guide for micro*dosing 

In Person sessions: Vibro~Acoustic Table with Infrared Lights and Scalar Technology, Quantum Hypnotherapy and Cousneling, BodyEnergy Work with top of the line oils, infused herbal and Ayurvedic oils, Crystal, Sound frequency and Vibration technology. Kambo Practioner.  Guide/Coach for all Micro*dosing Mystic Planet supplements. 

Online via Zoom: Life Counseling/Coaching, Quantum Hypnotherapy Counseling, Integration Counseling/Coaching. Guide/Coach for all micro*dosing MP supplements. 
To make appointments with Teresa, email her at:


     At the top of 2022, she has become the new owner of Mystic Planet Products,  Since 2020, she and Jaya Lakshmi, have been holding intentional healing/yoga ceremonies/retreats with their communities.  Their sisterly alchemy flows with complementary grace and beauty, which has inspired them to initiate their priestess mystery school that is beginning February 2, 2022,   


     Teresa’s initial career began in athletics, playing and coaching at the highest levels in Division 1 College.  She juggled being a coach and therapist in clinical/hospital settings throughout her 20’s, which created a strong foundation for all her future works.  As she continued her education throughout her 30’s and 40’s, she acquired many certifications and countless hours within in the fields of Natural Health and Healing, Yoga, Dance, Energy/Vibrational/Sound Therapy, Priestessing and Shamanism.  


     Teresa unifies all of her mothering years, education, healing modalities and therapies, along with her multi~dimentional acquired life’s wisdom, into all that she offers. She provides a safe sacred space, flowing with prayer and inspirations of The Ancient Ways as they authentically weave into the New Earth architecture. Her expansive cauldron has an intentional Timeless Temple essence, that is held with deepest attentive care and compassionate Unconditional Love. This is the invitation for us to dive deeper within the vast inner landscapes for our personal healing, purification, empowerment and growth. 


     As we can be awakened to the interdimensional cellular matrix and alighting the DNA codes within, she midwives the highest vibrations, so we can resolve the past, expand through our Hearts and Align with our Divine gifts and blessed Purpose for all that is here and to cOMe.  There is an ongoing encouragement for us to flow forward with this wisdom in harmony and grace.  As The New Earth continues to rise and grow, it is truly The Sacred Gift to collectively cocreate a heavenly Matrix filled with wisdom, trust, peace, kindness, care, support and Unconditional Love for our self and one another.  Teresa is reverently honored to provide and share in these Ancient Future Sacred Ways, as we drop deep within to this precious Now.


“This Life is So Sacred ~ So Precious ~ All we have is this mOMent ~ Teresa ~*~ TeRosa

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