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High Priestess Sacred Arts

13 Initiations Course Level 1 ~ 2•4•2024 to 12•20•2024
Teresa Carnicelli 
Awakening and Empowering the Birthright of Our Divine Sovereign Soul 
Refining The Art of Creating Safe Sacred Spaces and Alliances
Stregthening Our Connection To Nature and The Ceremonial Ancient Ways
Embodying Crystalline Vibrations, Magic and The Beauty Way

WelcOMe Beloveds

     Thank you for arriving here and exploring your connection with sacred sisterhood.  High Priestess Sacred Arts (HPSA) invites us as wOMen to explore the sacred beauty ways.  Each of these gatherings are designed with intentional rituals, ceremonies and sharings for our growing evolution. We are merging ancient ways with the new earth intelligence and inviting the mysteriously changing seasons to access codes for our growth and for the rising future.  We are called together again, remembering our truth as wOMen, of all ages, dancing and weaving threads of divine crystalline light. 

     Here, we are holding one another with the grandest possibilities, inviting us to stand and deepen our journey within as sovereign beings, as strong pillared crystalline vessels of magic light.  We are awakening to future possibilities, knowing we are stronger together, while we embrace our birthrights as daughter's, for we have been brewing for thousands of lifetimes.  We integrate these sacred ways into our daily practices and lives as we upgrade our multi~faceted beings, preparing us for all that is to cOMe.  


      One of the pillared intentions of HPSA, is to build alliance and cocreate lineage as we grow, expand and align year to year. Our school began on Imbolc, 2/2/22, and several priestesses graduated on winter solstice 12/20/22.  We took the year of 2023 off due to personal travelings, and are now reopening for the year of 2024. We have divinely chosen to Initiate HPSA around Imbolc, and graduate on December 20, Winter Solstice.  This allows us to drop deep into the powerful planetary alignments where people have been gathering for so many lifetimes, as we attune to the progressive new earth architecture. After completing the 13 Initiations that are required within the year, you will share alliance with High Priestess Sacred Arts. 

     We have intentions to grow together  each year, as we continue to expand and uphold these sacred ways for the greatest good and for all the future wOMen that are gathering here with HPSA.  Let us thread our precious heart love vibrations of ceremonial beauty, through and across the lands, as we expand into our true self expressions deep within.  This unified heart net is weaving and alighting our collective field throughout time and space for this precious sacred living.


     As you align and register with HPSA, we will share the details of what to expect, what to arrive with and the practices we will uphold gathering to gathering.  We will establish and practice the beauty ways of honoring the priestess within and how we are growing together in Priestesshood.


     We will have a few different options for attendance. You are welcome to join us in person for each of these gatherings.  We will have a zoom/live camera here with us for those who are out of town and unable to join in the physical form.  We will also have each gathering recorded and able to view at your leisure.  We pray this allows each of you to flow with life’s responsibilities and be able to fully participate.


     Thank you for trusting us. We are so excited to share our wisdOM that pulsates through our eternal memory, our blood and bones, reflecting back and through our magic of living the beauty ways, as sisters, as priestesses.

Life Is The Ceremony.  Life Is The Sacred.  Life Is The Beauty Way.  

The Time Is Now.  And We Are Ready. 


With Sweet Magic and Love,


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